What is Zer0 Inbox?

You know that feeling you get when your coworker sends you an end of the day email with an urgent ask? It's a terrible, awful feeling - you just want to go home. Now is your chance to get back at them. Zer0 Inbox gives you that opportunity. You have the ability to forward your emails making them their problems, cause reply all cascades, and even get a server crash losing all your emails, leaving you one step closer to going home.

Zero Inbox is:  

  • A party board game relying on both strategy and chance.

  • Intended for 3-6 players.

  • A parody of corporate email life.

  • A cathartic release for this indie dev team.

  • Considered a thematic, office-core, roll-and-move, card game.

The goal of the game is to reach the starting “Refresh Inbox” square without possessing any Email cards. As players move around the board, they can collect new Emails to deal with as well as Action cards that allow them to interact with, or screw over other players ("coworkers"). For instance, you can "forward" your Emails onto another who does not "look busy enough" before they cross the Refresh Inbox square to keep them from immediately winning. 

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